Regex Find & Replace

I repeatedly forget and rediscover this powerful technique for finding and replacing text.

I wanted to change the name of a CSS class across a large codebase. A simple approach would be to find and replace for all *.html files:

Introducing Penfold

I’ve convinced myself that .NET needs a new behaviour driven development library. Here are my simple demands:

Visual Studio Code Snippets

Over the years I’ve developed a number of snippets to help me write unit tests using the MSpec framework. After numerous requests from envious co-workers (actually one request from a mildly curious co-worker), I’ve open sourced them on Github.

JavaScript Gotcha: Loop Scope

This JavaScript gotcha had me scratching my head for the best part of an hour. I was attempting to create a number of files on the file system using the following code:

Continuous Delivery Tips

I recently gave a friend some advice on setting up his first Continuous Delivery Pipeline. We’ve been running pipelines on our .NET web projects for the last couple of years so I had a few tips that I’ll document here for posterity.