JavaScript Gotcha: Loop Scope

This JavaScript gotcha had me scratching my head for the best part of an hour. I was attempting to create a number of files on the file system using the following code:

Continuous Delivery Tips

I recently gave a friend some advice on setting up his first Continuous Delivery Pipeline. We’ve been running pipelines on our .NET web projects for the last couple of years so I had a few tips that I’ll document here for posterity.

Simplifying Node with Koa

I really enjoy writing web applications in Node JS, but sometimes the asynchronous programming style makes my head hurt! This code sample is from my current side project, commentator. It retrieves comments stored as Markdown files from the local file system and returns them as a JSON array

Ruby on Rails, on Dokku!

In my last post I showed how to setup Dokku and deploy a simple “Hello World” web application. Now let’s turn it up to 11 and build a fully-blown Ruby on Rails application with its own database, taking a look at some of Dokku’s management features along the way.

Setting up a Dokku Development PaaS

I have a bad case of multiple technology disorder. At the last count I have six side projects on the go, and not one of them uses the same language or framework! Don’t worry - I’m sure the doctor will prescribe me some pills to sort this out, but until then I’d like somewhere to host these projects online to show them off to my friends and colleagues.